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Removing your eyelash extensions properly is as important as the eyelash application itself.

Improper eyelash removal can result in damaging your natural eyelashes.


We’re also seeing a high volume of new clients coming in with improperly applied eyelash extensions that need to be removed. These are the result of bad eyelash extensions done by unlicensed salons and unlicensed technicians. We’re able to safely remove these bad eyelash extensions for you.

eyelash extension removal


Also, we’re seeing eyelash extensions that were improperly cared for that need extra TLC. We’re here to get your eyelashes back on track and healthy.

After you remove your eyelashes, they need to be conditioned and cared for.

We’re also happy to show you the right eyelash products to keep your eyelashes healthy and strong.

Safely remove your eyelashes at LashBrow Center Wilton.

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