Protect Your Lashes! Protect Yourself!

Protect Your Lashes! Protect Yourself!

A common concern among lash clients is “Can I get an infection from lash extensions?”.  And the answer is “possibly”.  Protect yourself by making sure your lash technician adheres to safe practices in a professional and clean environment.  One infection of particular concern this year is the flu.

The flu season is vicious this season. According to the Center for Disease Control, CDC, this flu season is among the mostly deadly in recent years. Health officials warn the public to take precautions and protect your self and your loved ones.

Spreading the Flu

How is the flu virus spread? And why is it so contagious? According to the CDC and health officials the flu virus can be spread multiple ways. Talking, sneezing, coughing and the latest study indicates the virus can be simply spread by breath! That’s right breathing on someone can spread the virus to another person. What a way to get up close and personal, Yikes!


At LashBrow Center the health and safety of our clients is first and foremost!. How do we keep clients and our lashbrow stylists safe, by following these simple procedures:

  • Fluid resistant surgical masks that have a 99% bacterial filter and disposable gloves are worn during lash service.
  • Double sterilize processes with heat sterilization and Opti-Cide disinfectant.  Used by eye doctors Opti-Cide completely kills infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  • Treatment chairs and beds are wiped down and sanitized after each client. Unlike spas we do not use sheets or linens, no laundry, no mess, saves time.
  • We recommend Steri-Lid by THERA TEARS for lid and lash hygiene.  Although Steri-Lid does not protect against the flu, it’s a great way to help maintain healthy eyelids and lashes.

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