How long do lash extensions last?

With proper maintenance and fills every 3 to 4 weeks your beautiful lashes can last
indefinitely! If you are just trying on a flirty pair of lashes and want to make it a one-time fix,
your lash extensions will shed off naturally with your natural lash within 6 to 8 weeks. This
timeframe is in line with the average person’s lash shed cycle.

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No, by their very nature lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes ability to
grow and thrive. At LashBrow Center Wilton, we educate our clients on how to properly maintain and care for their lashes. The DO’s and DON’Ts are clearly explained and outlined for all of our clients in a post procedure consultation and aftercare instruction sheet.

What material are the extensions made of?

99.9% of all eyelash extension fibers are polysynthetic. Polysynthetic fiber allows for the
lashes to maintain their shape and curl. The terms “Silk” and “Mink” are often used they are
however misnomers. Although LashBrow Center Wilton has real Mink fur in its cache of
lashes they are not commonly used. We carry hundreds of different sizes, shapes, colors,
and adornments.

Can I use mascara and eye make-up?

Although mascara isn’t necessary you certainly may use it as long as it is NOT waterproof and eye make-up is okay to use as well. Just remember to clean your eyes and lashes thoroughly at the end of the day. At LashBrow Center Wilton, we have a variety of mascaras to choose from that are suitable for lash extensions — highly pigmented, yet easy to clean.

How do I maintain my lash extensions?

An aftercare routine is as simple as 1-2-3. Cleanse-Condition-Brush! Before bedtime … that’s it! LashBrow Center Wilton has all cleansing and conditioning products necessary to maintain your lashes.

Am I a candidate for lash extensions?

Most people are suitable for lash extensions, women and men (yes, men get lash extensions too!). However, if you have any of the following conditions or symptoms you MAY NOT be
a suitable candidate for lash extensions. A thorough consultation at LashBrow Center Wilton will help you determine if lash extensions are suitable for you:

  • Sensitivity to cyanoacrylate based adhesives
  • Moderate to severe seasonal allergies
  • Conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye’
  • Compromised immune system due to cancer, HIV AIDS, or hepatitis
  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Trichotillomania
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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