The Skinny on Volume Eyelash Extensions

The Skinny on Volume Eyelash Extensions

The latest trend to hit the Eyelash Extension world has been the extreme volumizing of eyelashes.

This technique first hit the shores a few years ago and is known as the “Russian Volume” technique.

It is defined by the enhancing of the individual eyelash with a bloom of 2 to 6 tiny, lightweight eyelash extensions strategically placed one lash at a time. The result, where there were five now you have fifty, lashes that is. Let’s face it, we were not all born with thick lushes lashes.

According to the US National Institute of Health, there are on average 60 lashes per eye, some people have a lot fewer and if you’re lucky you may have more.
Volumizing your lashes with the volume lash technique brings hope to those who have a less dense lash line.

I’ve been offering this service to clients for a few years and I offer the service with some recommendations. First of all, volume lashing requires judicious cleaning daily! See my post on lash cleaning and hygiene.

Additionally, Maxi Volume lashes, more than 3 lashes per bloom, should be limited to special occasions or events, like weddings, parties, photo shoots; volume lashes look stunning in photos! Lastly, Maxi Volume lashes are pricey!

Because of the time necessary to complete a full set and the advanced skill set of the stylists ,volume lashes can take up to 2 ½ hours to complete a full set and range in price from $350 to $500. Fills can be tricky as well. As a general rule, all of the blooms should be removed and fresh lashes should be applied.

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