Natural versus Organic: the cosmetics industries hmm…

Natural versus Organic: the cosmetics industries hmm…

In recent years there has been the dizzying rush from cosmetic companies to earn the heart and trust of consumers and thus ventured into a labeling war…Natural versus Organic which is better. Consumers have been stumped and often times lured out of guilt into deciding  which claim and brand is best for the environment and safest for them and their families.

In honor of Earth Day I set out to uncover the industries veracity and claims behind the ‘Natural versus Organic tug of war. What I discovered was that products labeled Natural and those labeled Organic have a few distinctions.

For products certified “Natural”, its ingredients must meet the following criteria:

Products that meet all of these standards are certified by NATRUE, the global industry leader committed to promoting and protecting Natural and Organic Cosmetics worldwide.

For products certified “Organic”, its ingredients must meet natural standards PLUS at least 95% of ingredients must be derived from organic sources.

Here is the quagmire…there are no FDA (the czar of consumer czar), regulations or oversight of the cosmetic world.   Scary but true.  So what is one to do?!  I suggest consumers implore the lesser of two evils rule and read the labels.  Look for the certification seals such as USDA ORGANICS, ECO CERT, NATURAL PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION, to name a few.  Products with these designations must meet certain requirements and are held to a higher standard.  There are so many fantastic products out there and if you are concerned about our footprint on the environment below is a list of some top rate products:

Avene – Their products herald the benefits of thermal spring water, low mineral hydra content.  Avene’s consumers love its soothing, softening, and restorative skin balancing properties.  Another few notables, Dr. Hauska, Coola and Little Barn Apothecary to name a few.  A number of these products and more can be found at Stamford Pharmacy, located on High Ridge Road in Stamford CT.  My home town, holla!!

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