Eyelash Extension Licensure versus Certification

Eyelash Extension Licensure versus Certification

When it comes to deciding to try eyelash extensions the number one question should be, is the lash stylist a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician? The biggest misconception is certification equals licensure. Just because a lash stylist is certified does NOT mean that the person is licensed. The difference between beauty professional licensure and certification is vast.


  • Legal designation of professional status granted by state authorities
  • State authority defines task, function, educational requirements and scope of the practice
  • A set of standards and practices must be completed
  • Proficiency must be demonstrated by passing one or several tests set forth by state authority
  • Depending on the state, the number of hours need to complete education ranges from 500 to 2400 hours


  • Typically a voluntary process
  • Certification is provided by private organizations or companies
  • There is no oversight as to the viability and efficacy of the certification process
  • Time necessary to complete certification course varies, certification can be completed in as little as 8 hours

At the forefront of the distinction is public safety.  Every state EXCEPT for Connecticut requires anyone who performs eyelash extension services to be a licensed professional, usually a cosmetologist or esthetician.  Some states have even developed licensure programs for lash technicians.

So, before you decide where to go for your eyelash extensions, be sure to ask that important question. You wouldn’t trust any other unlicensed professional to perform procedures on you, so don’t trust someone without a beauty license to touch your eye lashes!

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